Driving with my newborn and husband scare

I’ve never been so happy in my life. I pray my husband and my daughter will be safe everyday and every night. My life feels like it has hope and possibilities and I have a team. I’ve never seen so much in my future and I’ve also never worried so much in my life at the same time.

Today, driving we almost got slammed from behind. We started off driving to social security to change my last name, and they apparently close at noon on Wednesdays, so that that was pointless. Then we drove to get hubby’s sunglasses that he left at the doctor’s. About an hour later we are deciding if we should go home or go get pumpkin coffee. Pumpkin coffee 🎃 won.

On the way to Dunkin the cars driving in front of us came to a pretty quick stop. Thank god I check my rear view all of the time, especially when we stop like that. The car behind me did not stop AT ALL. And was coming at us fast. I swerved over into the middle lane, and we got nipped on the passenger side.

I turned because I didn’t want to block traffic, and she followed me to the train station parking lot. She just kept saying “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”. It was a scuff mark. Hubby and I both said “it’s ok, they can polish that out” but he did tell her we have our two month old in the back seat. We got back in our cars and I just looked at her. My cute little two month old daughter. Today was her two month birthday. She had no idea anything happened, just sitting there being cute. She could have literally been smooshed to death. What the hell! I started crying.  My husband said the other driver was in her car crying too.

I pray every night for them to be safe and for the angels to watch over them. I can’t help thinking she almost got squished. Or him too. Next time (god forbid) I should go the other side, so the person will hit my side of the car and not the side with her in it.

I worry every day. I worry my worry will make bad things happen. Matt Khan says God’s not that fickle. I hope not.

I found out that in astrology, right now is a “moon wobble”, which is like an eclipse but because the earth wobbles an eclipse doesn’t happen, but still, bad things can happen, and catastrophic events tend to happen during these, every 86.5 days or so, and it lasts for another few weeks. I wish I didn’t know that. I mean by those standards what are we in a moon wobble constantly?!

I just want my husband and my baby to be here with me forever. I’ve never been so happy and it’s so scary that it could all be gone so easily. He is so handsome and loving and she is so beautiful and perfect. I’ve never been loved like this EVER. I want us to be a normal old couple, old and together forever and can watch our kids grow. Does everyone worry this much? I’ve had some loss in my life, like most people have. I never thought I would be married, to such an amazing man and I thought I’d never have kids, even though I wanted both so much. Now I have them, and I am literally so frieken grateful. Please god let me keep them. I deserve to be happy.

I just put her down for bed and thanked god and the angels. That’s all I can do. I’m also glad I’m a good driver.

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