Children’s health

This is collected information about children’s health from medical medium mostly, and some from Suzanne humprhies and my pediatrician. I recommend this information for children dealing with sickness, rsv, Flu, eczema, earaches, pertussis, general health issues do to sluggish liver, skin issues, cradle cap, acne, etc.

“Children’s health” medical medium:

Look up medical medium Preferred supplements

Medical medium has great liver cleanse information in the form of foods and supplements: he has a children’s health podcasts/SoundCloud’s, and on his fb page, and a section in the liver rescue book on children’s health with some dosages or supplements

Do organic, non gmo as much as possible

*celery juice for liver cleansing, wild blueberries amazing for liver, papaya gentle and cleansing for the liver, banana great for throat issues, antiviral
*Zinc can give babies a few drops throughout the year, whenever fighting anything viral
*vegan b12 with adenosylcobalamin
* Vitamin C** liposomal is easier to give to babies or the powder form for whooping cough, rsv other respiratory issues see bowel tolerance or Suzanne humprhies protocol..::or to boost immune system they only need tiny amounts from breast milk or supplements. . Ester-c from vimergy etc. for older kids/ adults… check the preferred supplements list for latest organic non gmo recommendations ( i always recommend Suzanne humprhies vitamin c protocol when very sick ) vitamin c dose is babies weight in lbs % 2.2 x 375 spread through the day.
* If they aren’t very sick don’t need to do the whole dose, what you feel comfortable with, but if they do have pertussis it’s recommended to keep it up much after the symptoms go away.
*No more heavy metals
*None of the “no foods” (eggs, dairy , gluten, gmos, lower your animal fats)*
*antibiotics feed strep

Also: Lemon balm, lemon balm tea, thyme tea, thyme, cilantro, olive leaf, asparagus gets rid of toxins, antivirals.

cucumber juice for fever

– [ ] Maryruth for kids multivitamin and multimineral
– [ ] Zinc -chronic ear infections, mono tonsilitis, sinus infections , anything viral
– [ ] Elderberry syrup all through the winter do not want to buy anything with alcohol in it it dilutes the healing properties and isn’t a good supplement

Baby cradle cap: olive oil bc it is more moisturing, can mix with coconut oil, put on head, comb out. Wash, repeat a few days later. It is a heavy metal issue in the liver, releasing toxins through the skin and sebum forms to protect the skin. Moms if breastfeeding eliminate “no” foods (eggs, dairy, gluten, gmos, non organic as much as possible), bring in more 🥬 leafy greens, wild blueberries, apples, oranges, whatever fruit and vegetable you can. If baby is eating, do the same, heal the liver as much as possible always, zinc, vitamin c, b12 etc (see recommended supplements).

Yeasty rash from drool/ teething : coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree applied to neck or cheeks when rash is present and a day or two later. Must dilute the tea tree a good bit bc it is a hot essential oil. Coconut oil is also antibacterial and antiviral. I recommend around 6 drops and a few hefty tbl spoons mixed in a container and keep it near the changing table. Also keep it dry as much as possible, change bibs a lot.

Medicinal chest for moms
Colds coming on, earaches coming on
Strep, colds, ear infections, throat
*Eclectic institute herb kids lines , they have
kids throat sprays:
– [ ] Echinacea goldenseal throat spray -ear issue, fever etc
– [ ] Elderberry red root throat spray -fever throat issue ,sore throat
They have Kids compounds:
– [ ] Herb cough Elicser for bronchitis,
– [ ] Kids echinacea goldenseal
– [ ] Herbal biotic etc

Ear infection
– [ ] Mullin garlic ear oil
Also zinc, vit c etc

Other maintenance supporting supplements
– [ ] Instead of cod liver oil bc it’s not healthy ,Get plant or algae based with EPA and DHA a little bit of that

Other Maintenance programs for kids or for mommy’s when breastfeeding great for removing Toxins and heavy metals from our children , focus, concentrations and balances the immune system/
– [ ] Hawaiian spirulina
– [ ] Barley grass juice
Can also do when breastfeeding it won’t release heavy metals in the milk

– [ ] Garden of life raw probiotic for kids
Progurt for Australia is the fb groups very expensive but works. MaryRuth also has probiotic

Food allergies , chronic tummy problems : Eliminate the “no” foods and build up their immune system , celery juice for liver
Bugs or digestive problems
Tummy problems
Less sinusitis, less mucus, less colds
Eliminate : “no” foods
– [ ] wheat
– [ ] gluten,
– [ ] dairy products
(Silica is for bones *not milk, *Calcium from oranges or plant based , don’t worry)
– [ ] eggs
– [ ] corn
– [ ] soy

If a fever is happening hydration is critical, you don’t want to feed them food if there’s a fever, it will spike the fever and make it higher in the night, and could dehydrate them more.
– [ ] Liquids and veggie soups
– [ ] veggie broth
– [ ] fresh cucumber juice **** brings down fever!
– [ ] Coconut water “true nirvana” is best brand
– [ ] Fruits
– [ ] Sweet potato

All of this is for older children and teens too. Increase dosages for teens.

Foods for deficiencies:
Fix them at the starting gate and support the children so they don’t have deficient , heart prob, liver, kidney, endocrine system problems etc. things deficiencies
– [ ] BANANAS top foods for children, loaded with amino acid, highly absorbable fat, potassium critical for brain health and development
– [ ] Berries, loaded with phytochemicals, antioxidants anthocyonins are a miracle. Wild blueberries , strawberry, blackberry all other berries that babies would like
– [ ] Apples and pears, phytochemicals, loaded with trace minerals like selenium, maganese and macrominerals
– [ ] Sweet potatoes, winter squash keratinoids
– [ ] Concentration issues: Celery, cucumbers filled with minerals and mineral salts build and strengthen electrolytes whi h build nuerotransmitters which helps children break out or focus problems
– [ ] Dates and coconuts
– [ ] Avocado 🥑
Introduce what you can, the foods you can if they won’t eat them, fussy eaters

Gluten free : pancakes waffle, flours: almond, quinoa, millet, oak

Banana ice cream, ripe bananas frozen put in a food processor for

Breast milk popsicles
Brew Lemon balm tea put it in popsicle mold with fruit juice and raw honey freeze

Steamed Sweet potato soup touch of cinema with nutmeg in a blender

Bottled juices are good when cold pressed , organic fruit, loaded with anthrocyanin, mineral, vitamins, stave off illness, diseases and autoimmune.

some of these are deficiencies from parents

-Mary Ruth vitamins , call company if you want and can ask them or as pediatrician
Get more leafy greens fruits a veggie no matter what diet
Always more leafy greens for any diet there is

Get moms up too
Mary Ruth as well
Mom is also dealing with old deficiencies, takes a long time to complete them. We are burning out our nutrients through adrenaline
Barley grass juice powder everyday
Frozen wild blueberries
Winter squash
Butternut squash

I just want to remind everyone that as per Anthony William breastmilk requires glucose. Glucose comes from high quality carbohydrates. The livers glucose reserves is what determines breastmilk supply. So when dense carbohydrate sources go down such as from cooked starches like potatoes and sweet potatoes supply can drop. It doesnt always drop, it depends on the individuals reserves. If it was low to begin with it will likely significantly drop. Anthony recommends putting some avocado onto potatoes so that the sugars are released slowly for the livers reserves to go up. Not because of the fat content.

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