Naps… or trying.

4FF86000-8B46-4E01-BCBA-ABCB79635812.jpegAre you getting ready for daycare? Or did you hit the 4 months nap regression and you are freakin out that your great napper is now only doing 1/2 hour to 45 minute naps.

There are some options and you have to figure out what is right for you.

Naps should be great right?! But naps can really suck…

It’s hard to really sleep train a newborn to nap. The main thing to do would take notes for a week. Figure out a plan, and try to implement it and be consistent, but remember flexibility is also okay when it’s needed. Babies might start teething or get a cold or just not be ready.

I included some sample schedules below as well, from Babywise, and some that other moms have shared with me.

Step one: take notes of when your baby seems tired and how long they are napping each day. What your tried, what worked, what didn’t work etc. this changes at different months. Wake time gets longer, and the amount of sleep at night can affect napping.

Step two: get a plan and be consistent for like a week. Do the same thing everyday. Figure out the times the baby needs to nap. At three months wake time should be about 1- 1.5 hours and then about a 1-1.5 hour nap. Feedings are included in wale time. The cycle for the first few months is usually every 2.5-3 hours. So wake time and then every 2.5-3 hours put her down for a nap. I feed my baby when she wakes up. Some moms feed the baby to sleep. I do that because it helps her sleep at night. I do feed her before her bed time feed or whenever she seems particularly hungry. Which I learned from the babywise book.

At 4.5 ish to 5.5 months my baby has 2 hour wake times. So the cycle adjusts.

Decide how you are going to put her down, swaddle, pacifier? In the crib? And put her down.


I never could do cry it out… Babies that age really can’t self sooth yet so if she freaks out if I kept her up too late, I usually give her some milk. And put her down and walk away. If she wakes up when i put her down I might hold her hand or coddle her face or shush, if that doesn’t work i pick her up and try again and might employ the 5 S’s. But some moms do cry it out/ ferber method. Some sleep consultants will have you do whatever your plan is, and then stay in the room close to the crib for 1-2 days, day 3-4 farther away, 5-6 at the door, 7 out the door etc.

Some moms do cry it out for like a week at 3 months and swear the baby sleeps like a champ afterwards. Cry it out never worked for my little one. She just gets very very upset. And then I get upset and the days feel like crap.

Real life:

Schedule your errands around when their naps will be. Nap time? Start driving.

When my baby was this age she was in the swing most naps. Then 4 month hit and her naps turned into half hour naps. And I end up holding her or taking a nap with her so I can rest bc sometimes it’s just less of a hassle and she would sleep longer then 1/2 hour. Or i can get work done or read etc. But the daycare …they will probably help train her if she’s not fully there.

I’ve heard of kids getting fully potty trained after a week of daycare.


When she is in daycare will she still be getting 12 hours at night? This might influence her naps.

Remember, be flexible. They are little babies and love being warm and hugged and smell good. Sometimes they just aren’t ready and you might need to take a break and try again. Or change up whatever your schedule is that isn’t working, step by step.

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